Term Dates



Terms and deadlines are necessary so that you understand when each stage of the work must be completed. For example, on a certain day it is necessary to develop a discussion for dissertation in order to have a finished report and an appropriate level of preparation.

Term dates for 2014-2015

Term 1 Tues 2nd September - Fri 24th October 2014
Term 2 Tues 4th November - Fri 19th December 2014
Term 3 Mon 5th January - Fri 13th February 2015
Term 4 Mon 23rd February - Fri 27th March 2015
Term 5 Mon 13th April - Fri 22nd May 2015
Term 6 Mon 1st June - Fri 17th July 2015



Monday 1st September 2014       Team Teach

Monday 3rd November 2014        Boxhall Profiling

Friday 22nd May 2015                  Boxall Profiling

Monday 20th July 2015                Ofsted Updates

Academic Reviews:

Years 10 and 11 Thursday 15th January 2015

Years 6,7,8 and 9's Thursday 12th February 2015

Other Dates:

Camp Week Monday 6th July 2015