Care Guide



We believe that POSITIVE APPROACHES produce POSITIVE CHANGES within a culture of POSITIVE REGARD.

Coln House care staff consists of: Head of Pastoral Care, 2 House Managers, 13 care staff, 2 nightwalkers and a school nurse, all of whom support young people in learning and understanding values and expectations of acceptable behaviour. This ensures a "balanced absorption of information" and a constant willingness to answer students' questions. It should be understood that today's society is changing too fast, and that is why approaches must also be upgraded to political and cultural changes and phenomena. Thus, you can always turn to best writing services and invite research on relevant topics.

The 5 House Areas (Northleach, Eastleach, Hatherop – East Wing and Sherborne, Aldsworth – West Wing are designed to cater for pupils within a safe and nurturing environment which enables their transition to each house area as they get older/mature.  This is determined by age as well as their personal and social development. Our House Areas are named after five local villages close to Fairford.

Care is provided by a team of care workers who ensure that routines and behavioural boundaries are very clearly in place.  They provide a well-structured and supportive environment where pupils are given the opportunity to grow in self-esteem and independence.

All students access a varied programme of activities each evening ranging from football, volleyball, rugby to camp skills, cookery, computing and felt making. Students can also stay and enjoy some fantastic weekends away where they get to experience gorge walking, caving, kayaking, sea fishing, mountain walking, BMXing, camping, go karting and mountain bike trails.

We have been accredited as 'Outstanding' in our residential provision by Ofsted, the third year in a row, an achievement of which we are very proud.

We Provide Security, Stability, Routine, Positive Experiences, Opportunity through integrated 'individualised' programmes of Residential Care, Education and Therapy, within an environment which is:

Safe, Nurturing, Respectful, Recognises the Individual

Enabling young people to thrive and achieve social, emotional and educational fulfilment and participate positively in society