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Outreach Explained


Outreach Training & Support Service

Coln House offer advisory support to mainstream settings, parents and other agencies, who may have concerns with children who may be experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties, in a manageable way. This will range from verbal to written contributions in response to specific issues or cases. We will provide support for teachers and teaching assistants in all settings to help young person to achieve their full potential, and SMSC outcomes. We want to be able to promote good a working relation between special and mainstream settings.

Our Staff

Our Staff have under gone the correct level of training on how to deliver the outreach by the LEA. Only trained, experienced staff will deliver the services we provide so as to ensure that there is an opportunity to build up a level of expertise with the requesting school. It is important that the scheme allows for some experimentation in terms of the method of delivery, and then we can critically evaluate future best practice.

Menu of Service

Coln House can offer the following outreach support with in a primary and secondary setting.

  • Observation and assessment of pupils/classes
  • Advice in respect of managing individual pupils
  • Training in assertive discipline methods
  • Sharing knowledge, skills and resources
  • Observations and work shadowing
  • Advise/training in managing challenging behaviours
  • Residential care advice
  • TA strategies
  • Use of on site facilities
  • Risk assessments and de-escalation
  • Tailor made Points and reward systems
  • Team Teach Training (positive handling and behaviour management)
  • Restorative Justice
  • Data harvesting and analysis
  • External supervision
  • Involvement in 'professionals' meetings for the ongoing development and support of staff, parents and pupils with behavioural difficulties.
  • Discussions with the staff, parents and the consulting educational psychologist and/ or Local Authority Support Teams.
  • The development and writing of Individual Education and behaviour Plans. (IEP, IBP)

All of the above can be tailor made to fit all setting with close support and guidance while new systems are introduced.

Professional development of staff is facilitated by a range of 'in service' courses and workshops which develop a greater understanding of a range of behavioural disorders and effective methods of managing and de-escalating challenging behaviour. In addition the school offers support to parents and carers helping them to provide consistency and understanding in how they can effectively manage their children who have been, or are at risk of being permanently excluded from school.

The outreach is continuing to evolve and wants to share our knowledge and expertise with other professionals. Many schools, colleges and academies have taken up the opportunity, but we want more!! Not just in the county of Gloucestershire.

It is envisioned that we have Secondary and Primary Partnership soon. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these initiatives or to become involved ring (01285 712308) or email the school( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

2010 Gloucestershire Outreach Service Leaflet