School Catering and Menus


It is worth noting that nutrition is very important for the assimilation of the material. Complex meals aren't only a physically important point, because the child, consuming quality food grows and develops better, but also a mental point - food, vitamins and minerals from it, help to concentrate, better absorb the material; for a more thorough study you can contact

We as a residential school pride ourselves on the provisions we provide for your children. In a recent Ofsted inspection we achieved an outstanding this is the highest mark given and we are very proud to have received it. All the catering staff have worked very hard over the recent years to raise school standards to the highest level, ensuring your child receives the very best.

We encourage our pupils to suggest positive improvements to their dining experience and also help them with food choices. All Dishes are always homemade in the school kitchens and we try to produce food that does not contain additives.

Most of you know that we have a large garden that enables us to grow fruit, vegetables and salads for the kitchens, regular meetings are held with staff and pupils to agree what will be grown through the seasons.

We always encourage parents to have lunch or dinner when visiting the school. We do know that the children look forward to this as this makes a more social occasion.

We have recently received Bronze Award from the Food for Life Partnership programme this is a network of schools and communities across England committed to transforming food culture. We are hoping to reconnect children and young people with where their food comes from, and inspire families to cook and grow food. It is our intension set up our own School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) and invitations are open to any parent or carer who would like to get involved please contact Debbie Rose the Catering Manager at the school.

Menus (Weeks 1-4 the menus rotate after week 4)


    menu1  menu2  menu3  menu4

                Week 1                          Week 2                          Week 3                          Week 4



Coln House School – Nutrition Survey

Students were asked to fill in a questionnaire about their experiences of the catering at Coln House. They were asked a range of questions relating to their food likes and dislikes and whether any changes or improvements were needed.

The survey found that there were no special dietary requirements and satisfaction levels were generally high.

The most notable areas to be addressed were:

  • Drinks – students would like to see a wider range of juices available
  • Breakfast – a significant number of students would like cooked breakfast to be available on a regular basis
  • Puddings – several students expressed a wish for "...more puddings and less yogurt"
  • Supper – students would like breakfast items (particularly cereals) to be available at supper time