Weekend Activities

Greeeeat day out at Longleat

All the hardest working students took a well deserved break at Longleat Safari Park, a just reward for their effort and commitment!

Gloucester v Japan

Three staff and five boys were lucky enough to go to Kingsholm Stadium and watch Gloucester v Japan.

Cattle Country

During half term Mr Waugh and Scot B were lucky enough to spend the day at cattle country.

West Midlands Safari Park

Two lucky boys visited the West Midlands Safari Park during the half term holiday


On Thursday 6th June 2013 there was a reward trip to the beach at Weston, this was to celebrate the completion of the in house exams and give the top six children a treat.

Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park is beautiful historic parkland on the western edge of Swindon. The Palladian house, walled garden, parkland and children's play area offer something for everyone, all year round. With the changing nature of the seasons, there's always something new to enjoy on a visit here.

Paultons Park Trip

On Wednesday the 29th May, during half term, we took a day trip out to Paultons Park with Mr Waugh, Mrs Saunders and Kyeran the lucky participants.

Bracelands Adventure April 2013

The plan was to leave Coln House School and arrive at the Forest of Dean at around 16:00hrs where we would take part in an adventure outdoor weekend.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

 At Bristol Zoo Gardens over the Easter holidays,  Lexxie, Scott and Ben enjoyed an amazing world of animals and dinosaurs, and award-winning  gardens. With over four hundred different species and nine animal houses under cover, it was one of the best days out so far this year.

Pupils and staff enjoy five goal thriller at Villa Park

Die Hard Villa fans Mr Taylor and Mr Davis took John, Chris and Ben to Aston Villa v Queens Park Rangers last Saturday in a relegation tussle and what a thriller it turned out to be.

PGL Weymouth

During the 3rd weekend in March, Kyeran, Jordan, Ryan, Scott and Lexxie visited PGL in Weymouth. It had a beautiful view of the sea and the neighbouring island of Portland. We left school at 2pm on Friday and dropped the children home by 5pm on Sunday.

Bath v Gloucester

On arrival at Bath the group had a stroll around Bath looking at different aspects of the Roman buildings. The pupils were all allocated money for an evening meal of their choice. The boys all agreed as a group that they would like to go to McDonald's. After consuming our food we took a leisurely stroll towards the Recreation Ground. We took our seats hoping that the match would live up to our expectations.

The first half was scrappy with both sides unable to gain a foothold. Bath took an early lead but Gloucester rallied late on to make the half time score Bath 13 - G//////

  • Bath_Rugby_1
  • Bath_Rugby_2
  • Bath_Rugby_3

The second half was more entertaining with both teams attempting to play rugby. A Gloucester player was issued a red card for an illegal tackle, which may have proved the turning point of the game. As a result Bath were awarded a series of penalties at the scrum, which in the end proved decisive. The full time whistle was blown, bringing a scrappy game to an end, with Bath running out winners by a score of 31-28.

All the pupils, Lucas, Scott, Chris, John and Charlie thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Macaroni Woods

1st - 3rd February 2013

Pupils - Lucas Delaney, Scott Birt, Kieron Jones and Chris Johnstone.

Staff – Mr Bale, Miss Lipscombe, Mr Waugh, Miss Whiteman

What a fantastic weekend, spent in the most amazing setting, with our greatest thanks to our wonderful school governors Mr Ford of the Ernest Cook Trust and most of all to Mr Wilkinson, so welcoming and helpful.

On site the facilities were used to their fullest, including:

Outdoors: The animals, chickens, dogs, pigs,  BMX Cycling, Outdoor adventure / play area, rope swings and play structures including slides, swings, a non-working farm tractor and trampolines and an area of grass for playing games.

Indoors: Sports Hall where some of the most fantastic football was played.

A playroom with brilliant lights and computer games and an enjoyable time spent in Castree house eating and drinking tea and a cooked breakfast every morning.

  • mac-woods-010313-003
  • mac-woods-010313-015
  • mac-woods-010313-023
  • mac-woods-010313-025
  • mac-woods-010313-048
  • mac-woods-010313-057

Cotswold Forest School - Saturday  -  Embracing Learning through Nature.

Well, huge thanks to "Johnno" for just being brilliant!!! Helping the children to develop practical life skills and encouraging child initiated learning, developing self-esteem and confidence, and motivating. Forest School having additional physical, social and health benefits for children and young people who are leading increasingly indoor lives, helping them to enjoy physical activity outdoors.  The children have become more confident in their own natural and made environments, and have acquired a deeper understanding about environmental issues locally and globally. What an outstanding achievement, done through games, foraging, fire starting and building, bow making and toasting marshmallows.

Bracelands Adventure Centre

The plan was to leave Coln House School and arrive at the Forest of Dean at around 16:00 hrs where we would take part in an adventure outdoor weekend.  When we arrived we were greeted by Alison and Tony, owners of Bracelands, and Mike, our Adventure instructor for the weekend. All staff and pupils were shown where they would be sleeping and the vehicles and kit were unloaded.

Mike spoke with the group and went through the itinerary of our action packed weekend. Pupils and staff were up for the challenges that lay ahead. But first everyon/made spaghetti bolognaise before heading off for our first challenge of the weekend. 

  • Bracelands-Weekend-019
  • Bracelands-Weekend-043
  • Bracelands-Weekend-046
  • Bracelands-Weekend-077
  • Bracelands-Weekend-128
  • Bracelands-Weekend-184

Day 1 - 500 metre tunnel walk:

Ten minute drive into the forest to arrive near the start of our tunnel walk. Everyone kitted out with hard hats and head lamps, everyone through the tunnel. The challenge was now to return back through without any lights on. At first everyone didn't seem keen but all pulled together and guided one another through. Great team work shown on this task, and a feeling of achievement for all involved.

Day 2 - Viaduct Abseil 50ft drop and gorge walk:

Up early for breakfast then straight on the minibus, everyone ready for a forty minute drive to South Wales. On this activity lots of staff and pupils conquered their fear of heights. Well done especially to Scott and Miss Saunders for showing resilience and completing the abseil and the same goes for everyone else.  Short stop for lunch then all kitted out and prepped for the 3 hour gorge walk. Considering the time of year and temperature of the water everyone gave it their all on this task. Each took it in turns to slowly guide the team up the gorge mapping the best route up the slippy rocks and fast running water, dodging the deeper pools and loose or sharp stones. During the ascent we had to scale three waterfalls aided by climbing ropes that Mike had hooked up. Considering the height and cold running water rushing into our faces from the top of the falls each and everyone one of us managed to complete the task at hand. Great team work and perseverance. Once back at Bracelands, everyone showered and warmed up before tea. Mike returned later on in the evening with wood and chisels for the pupils to try their hand at wood carving. Everyone had a good go and although did not finish, were allowed to bring their carvings back to school to finish off in DT.

Day 3 – Bush craft:

All up for breakfast before Mike arrived to lead us on a trek through the forest to collect tinder and dry wood to build a fire. All pupils collect a good amount of suitable wood and return to base. Mike guided everyone through how to build a fire and how to light it using flints and also sticks rubbed together. When the fire had started to roar nicely, all pupils cooked pancakes and toasted marshmallows. Everyone then relaxed by the fire talking about highlights of the weekend and personal achievements.

Staff: Mr Wilson, Mr Luce, Miss Samuels, Miss Saunders, Mr Davis,

Pupils: Chris, Kaya, Scott, Kieran, Lucas