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Northleach house area are experiencing foods of the world, by preparing and cooking the foods themselves. The pupils choose the country and then the foods from that country they would like to cook. They then order and prepare the foods before finally cooking it. This time the students chose America, and not surprisingly, made burgers, chilli dogs, and southern fried chicken!

nlfood1 nlfood2

nlfood3 nlfood4 nlfood5

Ben enjoyed his first Apple Juicing experience this week under the expert guidance of Mr Taylor and Mr Luce. From picking apples to the blending phase Apple Juicing is a very popular activity with the pupils at Coln House and is then sold locally to raise funds for the school.

bbjuicing juicing machinery

Connor & Harvey

Connor enjoying playing with Harvey the 1 year old Leonburger from Eastleach. This is a great experience for Connor who has lots of fun playing with Harvey before he goes to school.

cmfarm  cmfarm2

Northleach Update October 2014

Josh and Rene enjoying an evenings biker ride before winter arrives!


Rene posing


Ben making a victorian sponge


New After School Club "Skill Zone" is launched.

PE teacher Matt Browne has successfully this term created and developed an after school football coaching session every Tuesday for its residential students.

Northleach Update


Connor and Rene enjoying skateboarding during the fine september weather


From left-Rene,Josh,Corey enjoying a spot of cooking on Northleach House Area.


Rene and Mr Waugh working together in Football Skill Zone.

Northleach Pics

Supermarket Sweep

Emma Jones has recently embarked on a new journey in her career. Having gained extensive experience working with children with severe, profound, multiple & complex needs at Bettridge Special School in Cheltenham and travelling around Indonesia last summer, Emma Jones has joined the care team at CHS and Northleach House Area. She brings a youthful exuberance to an ageing team of senior citizen Dom Thompson and Mancunian Pete Waugh.



The Northleach pics they did not want you to see ……… ………… ………… ……… Ha ha brilliant J

Dream team reformed


Squad further strengthened

A new term. a new dawn, a new beginning as Mr Thompson the male veteran of the care team and new pupil James have joined Northleach House area. The Squad will be further strengthened next week by the arrival of Renee. With Ryan, Corey, Ben, Josh, Mr Waugh and Mr Luce already leading the attack the new recruits will add much needed firepower to its squad.





The current happy team on Northleach.

Fantastic bunch of boys all looking after Mr Luce, Mr Waugh and Mr Thompson! (or should that be the other way around ? J )


nleachstaff nleachstaff2


Northleach staff, the official pics. While Mr Wargh is away ……………………….. Mr Thompson and Mr Luce will play. 


Silly Northleach boys!!!!

The camera was lost………. Once found, after a serious investigation, I can conclude that the Northleach boys had something to do with the disappearance !


nleach2 nleach3 nleach4


The Northleach pics they did not want you to see…………………………………… Ha ha brilliant J

 nleachfunpics nleachfunpics2 nleachfunpics3

 nleachfunpics4 nleachfunpics5

Cinema Trip

Northleach children and staff enjoyed a thrilling night out at Greenbridge Cinema. Capturing the Hunger Games 2 - Catching Fire premiere on the opening evening at the cinema.



Trip to Gloucester Rugby

Ben P and Mr Renton enjoyed an evening of entertainment provided by Gloucester Rugby Club.

Food for Life

Northleach house area were joined for tea by a member of the Food for Life group and our resident food tech teacher Mrs Olds.

A roast was served with fresh produce from the school garden and dessert was provided by the pupils who prepared it in their food tech lesson. Staff and pupils shared stories of their culinary skills and love of food. The Coln House apple juice was a great success.


Coln House Apple Juicing

The students of Coln House have been out picking and sourcing local apples from within the community.

Northleach Delta Force

On a perfect crisp autumn evening, Northleach troop embarked on a fun, adventure mission as a reward for positive behaviour in school. The Northleach troop were fully equipped with camouflage clothing and branding camouflaged creamed faces, approached Badbury Woods. The trip involved stealth like Army training and general messing around amongst the vast trees and bushes under the dark autumn sky.


Northleach troop equipped and ready

delta2 delta3

One, two, tree, can you see me?


Found in the woods

First few weeks of term

During the first weeks back from summer holidays the Northleach boys participated in a variety of activities. Before the dark nights draw in, they got out and about as much as possible.


Josh and Kieran sorting out a mega pile of Lego


Ben preparing logs ready for the school to sell

Fun in the Sun at Weston

Josh and Josh from Northleach took full advantage of the summer sun, playing on the golden sands of Weston-Super-Mare. The boys were accompanied by care staff and other pupils as part of an evening reward trip. The boys splashed and dashed around the sand and sea before returning to school after an evening full of smiles and laughter at the beach.


Wild Camping Activity

After helping the pupils select appropriate clothing and equipment for the school's first ever overnight wild camping trip, we all set off, hoping the forecast for rain and wind would not be as bad as predicted.

Preparing for Riverman

Josh and his mentor Mr Renton prepared and checked all the camping equipment, erecting the tents in preparation for the forthcoming riverman challenge.


Northleach Scarecrows

Northleach created some unique and mind blowing scarecrows with the intent to keep all plants and vegetables safe from all types of predators. Here are Josh and Harry with their creation


Great British Bake Off

The Northleach gentlemen approached this competition looking to impress people with their cooking talent. They expressed this through the creation of three dessert masterpieces . Josh's mini fruit tarts showed true taste and professional talent, John's shorter than shortbread offered a delicate but sweet tasting shortbread and Harry's victoria sponge was the icing on the cake. Unfortunately the judging panel didn't provide us with detailed rules so the Northleach gentlemen didn't receive the accolades they deserved.

bake1 bake2



Riverman Challenge

Kieran has dedicated a good portion of his evenings to hand crafting a paddle, to use as part of the forthcoming river man challenge. Kieran has crafted wood from a variety of types. He has, with the support of Mr Aiuto, spent the last few days staining and varnishing. This encapsulates the unique qualities of the paddle and the hard work applied to create the masterpiece.

Paddle-003 Paddle-004

The Spring Sunshine

With the lighter evenings and the recent sunshine, the Northleach boys have taken every opportunity to enjoy the glorious weather. Northleach have participated in all types of outdoor activities, from working in the garden developing economical benefit for the school or participating in a variety of fun packed field games.