Northleach is a warm, homely and inviting place with excellent staff and caters for up to five boys. If you want to read about it, because you have a desire to become part of our teaching staff, or to have your child study in our program, buy pre written paper to learn information that you can rely on for certain choices.



The current happy team on Northleach.

Fantastic bunch of boys all looking after Mr Waugh, Miss Jones, and Mr Thompson! (or should that be the other way around ? J )


The staffs on Northleach are Mr Waugh, Mr Thompson, Miss Jones, and an excellent lady who cooks the wonderful food you will eat, Mrs Sheila.


There is always a lot going on in Northleach and if you are lucky enough to go there then you will be able to experience lots of new things and have the opportunity to go out on lots of trips.

Mr Waugh is a keen footballer, who has played alongside international footballers, Shawn Wright Phillips and Joey Barton to name two. He is also a football coach, helping out with two local youth football teams so anyone looking to improve their skills he is the man for you. On house area Mr Waugh is very approachable and is always happy to help out with homework and any projects which need doing.

Some of the trips that Northleach house area has done so far are trips to the Oasis swimming pool, Badbury Woods, Oxford, Cinema in Swindon, Premier League Football, Gloucester Rugby fixtures, London and many more.

"Remember the person that gave up? Neither does anybody else"

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