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Hatherop Tries out the Skate Park

Our latest Thursday evening adventure was a trip to the Skate Park at Cirencester

Hatherop does the old Canal

We took a little time out on Thursday evening to take a stroll along part of the Thames path at Cricklade and a disused/redundant section of the Thames Severn Canal. We started at the car park near the rugby ground.

In the River Again

First week back and the weather is so nice that we take a little walk down the river Coln and the lads couldn't resist having a paddle and experiencing for themselves just how cold the water still is.

Sherlock Holmes

A Sherlock Holmes enthusiast has taken fashion tips from his hero, which has resulted in him even dressing up like him!!

Fitness Training

The boys on Hatherop decided to take up a fitness regime, this involved running around the field. Unfortunately fitness levels were not what they expected!!!

Easter on Hatherop

The boys on Hatherop made some themed cakes to celebrate the end of term and mark the Easter holiday.

Welcome To Mr Willsmer

We have a new staff Member with us on Hatherop. Mr Willsmer provides heaps of entertainment...

Welcome to Chay

Another pupil arrives to the strong hold of Hatherop House. One of his first activities was a walking activity in the Cotswold Water Park.

Ben & Chay’s Birthday

 Hatherop House recently celebrated two birthday’s, they marked them by having a special meal and a cake. All the pupils enjoyed the frivolities, as did the staff.

Hatherops Mini challenge.


So off they went. No idea where, I’m sure Mrs Alderman knows.

The Hatherop boys do a good deed …

So, as the owl and the pussy cat went to sea in a beautiful (not so pea green) boat, Kyeran and Ben oiled the seat !!!!!!

Hatherop Karaoke Part 2……………………


So, the story continues, the pictures say more than I could ever write!!

Welcome to Jordan.

Welcome to Jordan.

The newest addition to Hatherop is Jordan. He comes to us from afar, almost has the longest journey here on a Monday morning.

Welcome Miss Lipscombe to Mrs Aldermans Hatherop.

Welcome Miss Lipscombe to Mrs Aldermans Hatherop.

Now, bearing in mind I myself am writing my own "bit", and also that I take a fair few of the pictures that go up, I am aware that no photos of me exist, as proof I thought I had ought to prove I do.

The Chinese year of the Horse, and Carey cooks Chinese !!!!

The year of thechinese1 ( horse) , and Carey cooks Chinese !!!!

Carey’s mum comes to tea !

Carey's mum comes to tea !

Just brilliant. What a treat to have Carey's mum join us for the evening.

Happy Birthday Mrs Alderman!!!!

This week we celebrated Mrs A's birthday. Very spoilt indeed with 7a brownies, jams, pickles, a mug and soaps. Thank you to Shelia who baked us some amazing cup cakes.



Hatherop welcomes Gru and his Minnions !!! To Yellow Night!!!!

A wicked Thursday night. Despicable Me Yellow themed.

A much enjoyed evening watching the films and eating food from the films, including jelly and bananas.

gru4 gru3


A surprise visit

A surprise visit on the last day of term to Hatherop!

How wonderful to wake up with a stocking filled of goodies!

We thank Santa for making a special trip over a week early leaving games, sweets, chocolates, pens, pencils and ..................socks !

xmas1 xmas2


Dobbies Take Two

We enjoyed the 1st visit, so we all went again !!!!

It's that time of year again. Mid winter break! (Christmas) So off shopping we will go. How wonderful Dobbies looked, very festive, loads of lights, trees and polar bears. We were lucky too, as we heard the bell ringers, listened to the carol singers and tasted some good cheese and mini mince pies.


A successful evening, lots of Christmas presents bought and happy happy children.

Here's wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year.
Here's to lots of present opening, food munching and happy times, "Cheers" !