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Table Tennis a hit with pupils and staff

Table Tennis has become very popular in term 3 especially for the boys on Eastleach. You can apply writing an interview paper to https://essaysleader.com/write-an-interview-essay/ or other sources that will help you read the history of tennis and better understand the essence, rules, and enjoy the game.

I can reach reach reach any mountain...

Eastleach boys enjoyed a great night of climbing on Thursday at the Far Peak Climbing and Adventure Centre near Northleach.

Skating in Cirencester

Eastleach boys and staff! have been busy skateboarding at the new park in Cirencester and generally having fun as can be seen in the photos.



Eastleach Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Eastleach Celebrate Chinese New Year

Birthday Blast for Scott

Scott celebrated his 12th birthday at M4 Karting, Hullavington on Wednesday. Along with Jordan, Connor and Corey the boys from Eastleach had a terrific time racing each other around the fast track and completing the course in very fast times. Miss Molsher and Mr Bale were cheering on the boys from the side.

Corey Vettel posing Racewear

The boys raring to go L-R Connor, Birthday boy Scott, Jordan & Corey

Discussing race tactics

Birthday Celebration

Josh enjoyed a 13th birthday surprise when he had a fun filled evening swimming at the Oasis in Swindon followed by a McDonalds with his friend Corey and Mr Thompson.

josh-bday1 josh-bday2

Frightmare in Sapperton Woods

Eastleach House enjoyed their own Halloween Frightmare in Sapperton Woods on Thursday evening.

As pupils celebrated Halloween at home during the half term holidays staff decided to recreate the Halloween theme by having some games of spotlight in the eerie woods at Sapperton.



With new members to the house area Josh and Lexxie joining in the fun, the group had a night to remember!

The E Team

Corey, Scott, Jordan and Connor formed the E Team on Thursday night with Mr Bale and Mr Thompson. Set in the eerie woods at Badbury Woods under the night time sky both pupils and staff worked together to make it back to base in the dark with just a torch light to follow and limited instructions. Communication was the key and all contributed in what was a fantastic team effort.


Conner goes horse riding

Conner enjoyed his first ever horse riding experience this week at Cerney Wick Riding Stables and had a wonderful time with a trot in the indoor schooling ring and a ride in the beautiful countryside surrounding Cerney Wick. His favourite horse was Guiness.

connor horse1 connor horse2

Bridge over the River Coln

A balmy summer evenings walk was enjoyed by Eastleach boys, Mr Bale and Miss Molsher this week following their return to school after the summer holidays.

An adventure was had by all as the boys used their teamwork and survival skills to forage through the woods and swim along the river coln from Quenington to Fairford having been dropped off in the minibus to find their way home.

It was an especially exciting experience for Connor who started this week at Coln and has been warmly accepted by his peers into the group. All the boys had a great time on the walk and came back wet and bedragggled but with a smile on their faces.

eastleachriverwalk1 eastleachriverwalk2

eastleachriverwalk3 eastleachriverwalk4

Oasis Swimming Pool

Eastleach House Area enjoying a splashing time at the Oasis on Wednesday. Ryan, Scott and Corey enjoyed the wave machine, slides, and chutes whilst Mr Bale and Mr Wilsmer practiced their doggy paddle in the shallow end.


Corey, Ryan and Scott

Scarecrow Challenge

Scarecrow Kaya and Mr Thompson having a night-time cuddle


Coln House Bake Off

Budding chefs Mr Thompson, Mr Bale and Miss Samuels were joined by apprentice chefs Scott, Ryan and Jessie for a fun evening in the kitchen on Eastleach House Area for the Coln House School Bake Off.

With Talent oozing out from the chefs, three specially handcrafted items were produced with each one viewed as outstanding by the in-house judges.

A tasty shortbread , a treacle tart  and a scrumptious sponge cake were just three of the offerings on a wonderful night where both staff and pupils had lots of fun.

bake1 bake2

bake3 bake4 bake5

A Lovely Evening by the River

Eastleach House area enjoyed a fantastic night by the river Coln on Tuesday evening this week. With temperatures almost sizzling, all the boys enjoyed a paddle in the river and it was a nice welcome for Corey who started this week.

Down-by-the-river-side---1 Down-by-the-river-side---2

Scott and Corey exploring


Mr Thompson enjoying some rays

Ryan catches a 14lb'er!!

Ryan had a great time fishing this week, and managed to catch this 14lb Mirror Carp.  Well done Ryan!!


Mr Thompson moves to Eastleach

In a multi million swap deal with Mr Wilson - Mr Thompson has gone from Sherborne to Eastleach House area as House Manager for Eastleach, Northleach and Hatherop, with Mr Wilson now on Sherborne and also managing Aldsworth.


Eastleach enjoy homework

Every week all the boys get set some homework and this week Jordan and Jessie had the task of writing a story about a cat and a fish.  The boys had to name the characters and write what they saw in the pictures.  Both Jordan and Jessie enjoyed this challenge as it gave them the opportunity to turn the pictures into a real exciting story.  Keep coming back to visit as one of them will be posted on our blog in the next few days.


Eastleach celebrate Chinese New Year

Eastleach boys and staff enjoyed some fine Chinese food prepared by their lovely cook Sheila to celebrate Chinese New Year.  After tea the boys discussed why the Chinese New Year is different to ours and here are some of their answers:

Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday

In China, it is also known as the Spring Festival

The Chinese calendar is lunisolar, the Chinese New Year is often referred to as the "Lunar New Year".

  • ChineseNewYear1
  • ChineseNewYear2
  • ChineseNewYear3

Chinese New Year info:

Within China, regional customs and traditions concerning the celebration of the Chinese New Year vary widely. Often, the evening preceding Chinese New Year's Day is an occasion for Chinese families to gather for the annual reunion dinner. It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly cleanse the house, in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way for good incoming luck. Windows and doors will be decorated with red colour paper-cuts and couplets with popular themes of "good fortune" or "happiness", "wealth", and "longevity." Other activities include lighting firecrackers and giving money in red paper envelopes.

Return to the Jolly Roger

Eastleach decided to return to the Jolly Roger for their offsite trip in term 4. As well as the Eastleach boys, Lexxie, who resides in the Lodge, joined us on our trip. We left for the Jolly Roger straight after school and arrived there at 4:45pm.

Once the children had handed in their shoes, they were off. The children enjoyed the bouncy castle, the ball pool, the soft play obstacles and the slides whilst the/ time we saw sight of the children is when they were sweating and needed a pit stop to rehydrate. The children asked if the Drop Slide could be opened so they could have a /hesitant to go down the "Death Slide." Jessie was the first one to brave the slide after much deliberation at the top. Ryan followed and then Scott. None of them seemed to get enough of the thrill. Lexxie refused to go down as she was too scared and persuaded Mr Wi/Wilson showed her how it was done, she quickly followed.

  • jollyroger1
  • jollyroger2
  • jollyroger3

After the Drop Slide was closed, it was time for the children to be chased by staff. The children enjoyed teaming up and hiding from the staff. They encouraged the staff to chase them after teasing them of their whereabouts. Lexxie seemed to enjoy her own company and took to jumping around in the ball pool and throwing her hands in the air when going down the slides. Although the boys were reluctant to leave, the Jolly Roger was closing and we were the last ones standing. We arrived back at school at 6:45pm.