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News flash News flash ALDSWORTH UPDATE


Ready for this ?! ....................................

Aldsworth say bye bye top Miss Samuels as she takes a short break. Also bye bye to Chris as he is now independent living over in the lodge.

A big helloooooooooooooo to Miss Lipscombe who has taken up residency on Aldsworth, she joins Miss Browne and Mr Davis. Helloooooooo also to Kyeran as he moves from Hatherop and to Rhys and Ryan, the new kids on the block. The ship now is sailing full steam ahead with, Scott, Lucas, Ryan, Rhys, Wesley, Kieran, and Kyeran.

It's all change!!! Fantastically exciting and when we are all not quite so camera shy, faces will indeed be put to names.

 aldsworthupdate1 aldsworthupdate2

                                                     But for now it's ta da from Mr Davis.