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Harvey comes to play!
Such a joy for Aldsworth to have this fella here to run around with. Harvey belongs to Mrs Stubbly. He is huge ! A massive bear who has been coming in here for almost 2 years.

Merry Christmas from Aldsworth

And its happy Christmas from Aldsworth. What a great night we all had, decorating...................................... ourselves!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!! We did manage to decorate the tree in the end, good job done !!!


aldsxmas2 aldsxmas4 aldsxmas3 

Aldsworth Christmas Adventure

The Aldsworth great Christmas adventure sight seeing around the historic Cotswold Town that is Cirencester, then on to Costa, and Dobbies.


Samba Drumming

Some of the Aldsworth boys have started to take up Samba drumming at Community Classes in Cirencester, hosted by Ola Samba!

Better late than never !!!!

Miss Lipscombe now resides on Aldsworth ! Welcome September and helloooooo Aldsworth. I'm looking forward to this year!

Ryan does ASDAN

As part of ASDAN Ryan has to prepare a packed lunch. So he did! And then he ate it!

  rgpl rgpl1

Aldsworth makes the most of the new skate park

After a long time, ups and downs with the new state of the art skate park in Cirencester it was completed recently and is AMAZING. So much time, money and effort invested in to this project by a local young business man from Cirencester, with thanks to his efforts and all the fund raising we now how a wonderful place to go and enjoy. Also it is with great thanks to Decimal in Cirencester for the skateboards.

 aldsspark aldsspark1 aldsspark2

Scott embraces work experience and a BTEC

Many of the year 11s have now secured a work experience placement. Scotts is at the idyllic Barnsley Park Stables run by Leanne Brown. Scott has had a passion for horses for as long as I have been at the school and regularly rides at weekends, it is his ambition to leave school and go on to college and then into the equestrian industry. So, with this in mind, the stables were the ideal place to go. Not only is Scott doing his work experience there, but he is also doing a BTEC in horse studies.

 swwexp swwexp1 swwexp2

Aldsworth boys go paddling with Mr Aiuto in funny looking boats

For doing so well both in school and on house area two of Aldsworths finest went down the river.

 aldspaddling aldspaddling1

Star chefs Scott and Kyeran

Two cooking stars went off to a regional competition. Both did incredibly well with Kyeran going on to the final!!

swkf swkf1

This is absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!

Thank you Mr James! What a privilege to be shown around the local fire station. The boys had a wonderful time, then all got very wet!!! 

Lucas meets these little (no actually quite massive) beauts!!!!

Welcome to our American friends who are currently on the base. As NATO are currently on exercise here it's lovely to be able to see these two, the B52 and the Stealth bomber.

Aldsworth Abroad!!

So off the boys went...................... (Lets be honest with the recent weather, these pictures could have been taken anywhere. A little imagination...... )
To the pool!! ...........................................

News flash News flash ALDSWORTH UPDATE

Ready for this ?! ....................................

Long time and no hear from the Aldsworth crew!!!

Long time and no hear from the Aldsworth crew!!!

Too busy eating from what I can see! I wonder if that's why?

Modern Men!

Modern Men!

The Aldsworth boys are cleaning up their act at last!

Winter Wildlife

Winter Wildlife

Lucas has braved the wind, the cold and dodged the rain, for his new ASDAN project on wildlife photography.

Burning Rubber!!

After wisely saving their activity money, the Aldsworth boys finally made it offsite to the M4 go-karting track in Chippenham. After a safety talk, the boys changed into their protective clothing and chose their wheels.

They made an impressive start, despite a few spins from Lucas and a bit of road rage from Kieran. After a few laps, Scott and Chris picked up the pace and it was Scott that was triumphant at the end. The second race however, had the added excitement of the mystery driver in pink. The outrageous driving of 'Mr Pink' shook up the track and took the boys by surprise. The mystery driver took the lead and smashed the record set!

The boys were shocked to find their Champion driver was in fact, Mr Davis!

karting1 karting2

Ready Steady Cook

Aldsworth boys took to the kitchen to prepare themselves a meal fit for a king.

Football Reward Night

Mr Davis from Aldsworth along with Mr Taylor visited Villa Park to watch the Capitol One cup clash with Tottenham. Unfortunately Aston Villa lost! However the pupils enjoyed a fun filled night out


Football in Lydiard Park

Aldsworth Boys are back after the summer break. Pupils and staff spent the evening in Lydiard park, admiring the surroundings playing football, and relaxing by the lake.


Cool Riders

Aldsworth boys managed to get in the top five points last week and got on the reward trip out to the Daredevil Show in Cirencester Park.  Here they watched stunts galore, including jumping over cars and even through fire! Inspired by the show, the boys had the
opportunity to sit on the bikes and show their Dare Devilish side!

.....Think we should leave it to the professionals!

day1 day2


Fishing for Their Dinner

Aldsworth boys took to the river in hope to catch their dinner! The boys learnt about respecting the natural environment and helped removed litter from the river, as they scavenged for food. By using teamwork, the boys managed to catch three good sized crayfish and Lucas even managed to catch a fish! Sadly, the fish was too small and escaped the pan this time!

When back at school, the boys learnt to cook the crayfish humanely and tucked in to a morsel before bed.

cray1 cray2


Out at last!!

Despite the enormous disappointment of the pool closure last week, Aldsworth finally made it out on their house area trip. All the boys had worked really hard and had been on their best behaviour to earn the reward. The boys had a fantastic time playing on the water slides at the Oasis in Swindon and then returned for some well earnt chips. Great Night! 


Nice weather for ducks!!

Aldsworth boys braved the winds and the storm to set sail on the Thames with expert Kayaker Mr Aiuto on Tuesday night.  As you can see from the photos, the boys were not naturals but showed terrific resilience and determination throughout  their expedition. Hopefully, the sun will be shinning on their next attempt!

canoe1 canoe2 canoe3