Aldsworth is normally the house for the older boarders and there is a lot of focus on helping them develop independent living skills, getting them ready for college and trying different types of work experience.
Aldsworth can have up to 9 pupils on it. There is a mixture of shared and single rooms on this house area and they also have what is known as the 'Premier' room, which is a room that pupils who have behaved exceptionally well get to use.
The house area is ideally placed for using the school's outdoor swimming pool as it is only a hop, skip and a jump from their back door. They also have use of the fantastic garden at the back of their house which is great for playing tag in!
The staff on Aldsworth are Mr Davis and Miss Browne, Miss Lipscombe, and the most important lady, Caroline who prepares all the meals for you.
Mr Davis loves all sport both to watch and to play. Mr Davis is a keen Aston Villa fan and will quite often arrange special football trips in the evening for the best behaved students. He helps keep Aldsworth a fun place to live, with a joke and a laugh a day.
Miss Browne has a vast array of skills from helping you spend an evening pampering yourself, exploring your artistic side, cooking a 5 course meal or simply helping you with your literacy and numeracy (just don't ask her to ride a bike).
Miss Lipscombe is a keen horse rider and clay pigeon shooter, also a very good tea drinker!
If you are on Aldsworth house you will never be bored as there are always things going on with the great staff that work there.


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