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Modelling skills

Modelling skills

The boys have been testing out their modelling skills using different material to create different effects. Below are the results of using Fimo cooked in the oven. If you look carefully, you can see Kyeran even managed a model of a miniature roast dinner!

                ms1       ms2


Chris inspired by Lichtenstein

Bored at looking at a blank wall in his room, Chris designed a picture inspired by the 1960's Pop Art idol, Roy Lichtenstein. Chris painstakingly drew this out and coloured it over several weeks. Great effort.

 Lich1 Lich2

Lich3 Lich4


Could Corey be the new Jackson Pollack?

Let loose with poster paints, a roller and large piece of plywood, Corey expressed himself in the style of Jackson Pollack. We were very pleased with the results but if you want to try this at home, make sure you do it in the garden!


crafts3 crafts4