Created on Wednesday, 06 March 2013

Schools finished, what shall we do tonight ! However, you shouldn't forget about your studies and personal development, buy sociology papers at to be knowledgeable about certain topics.

During the evenings at Coln House the pupils look forward after a hard day at school to a wide variety of activities on offer. Whether its cooking, playing football, horse riding, woodwork to building igloos in the snow, playing music, nurturing chickens, gardening, ICT, Dingos- there really is something for everyone.

Both staff and pupils have a great time whether they are at school or watching football matches at Aston Villa, Rugby at Bath or Gloucester or just taking the dog around the beautiful picturesque river at Fairford.

As the lighter evenings approach the school swimming pool will be open, pupils can learn to cook on a fire at camp skills, bike rides etc. Whatever time of year it is, as stated, there really is something for everyone.

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