Ten Tors Challenge


A group of staff and students from Coln House School faced the Jubilee Challenge on the 10th May 2013. They were on Dartmoor alongside the well-established Ten Tors Challenge. The team tackled the 18 mile route.


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This involved navigating between 8 checkpoints:  each manned by the army. Not only was the distance a challenge but more, the changing weather. Strong winds caused the lashing rain to whip horizontally at us. Through the day the sun was glimpsed merely thrice, and then only briefly, through the overcast sky. Low clouds touched the tors as they ran past us like ghosts moaning with the wind. Nonetheless the group struggled on. In the morning Jack felt the whole ordeal was too much for him. His spirits lifted in the afternoon as he began to enjoy the outdoors and the bubbly inspiring company of the Army Cadet, Lizzie Morgan, who walked with us. John found the challenge tough and yet was consistent in his exertions throughout the day. He carried the army Burgan, with the emergency gear, in the afternoon. The group was met by cheering crowds, exhilaration and fatigue as one as they crossed the finish line. This was a high level of achievement and we hope that Jack and John have started a new annual tradition for Coln House School in the Jubilee Challenge.

I really appreciated the help diligence, organization and enthusiasm of both Ms Rogers and Mr Wilsmer.


Jack Edgell and John Weeks


Walking leader: Sandra Rogers

Base Camp Safety Officer: Chris Wilsmer

Jubilee Challenge Leader: Hywel Jeffcott