Alter Ego Theatre Group



alteregoSexual exploitation is difficult to explain and everyone’s situation is different.  It can mean that someone may be forcing or coercing you to have sexual contact with them, or other people.  It could also be an adult taking advantage of a situation you are in to get you to have sex with them.  This could include sexual contact in return for money, alcohol, somewhere to stay, gifts or favours.

Sexual exploitation of children across the UK has been in the news recently and continues to be a concern. Dangers can come from the any area of their lives, the internet and social networking sites such facebook and twitter but also through friendship groups and people known to the young people themselves.

The best protection we can give to young people is knowledge of the dangers so that they are aware and can protect themselves, as well as letting them know where they can go for help and support if they are worried.

Alter Ego, a drama company visited the school on the 2nd November. The play was called “Chelsea’s Choice” and it provided an opportunity for interaction with the actors helping pupils to see the choices’ Chelsea’ made regarding sexual exploitation and how she might have chosen differently. A range of pupils from year 7 - 11 watched the play and were keen to ask questions after. The feedback from both staff and pupils was very positive.

This is part of a proactive programme of work around raising and tackling the complex nature of Child Sexual Exploitation and being supported by Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board and all Partner Agencies in the county.   

This was a powerful and memorable way to enhance the PSHE curriculum and help our young people to stay safe.

Sandra Rogers

Head of Care/Safeguarding Officer