The Great Coln House Bake Off


On Wednesday 17th of April we held our very own Bake off between all house areas. Criteria consisted of baking a Victoria sponge, Shortbread biscuits and some sort of tart.

All house areas were in competition with each other and some went to great lengths to make an impression on the judges. Children and Staff were all encouraged to come together and work as a team and everyone played their part in planning, cooking and presenting the finished product.

Preparation and cooking got to fever pitch as all house areas were a hive of activity. Expectations were high and they didn't disappoint. 

All items produced were judged on presentation, taste and consistency. It was judged in a closed room by seven judges who spent a couple of hours tasting.  Judges were so impressed by the standard of cooking it was very difficult to decide the winners.

Prizes were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each Category;

  • bake1
  • bake2
  • bake3
  • bake4
  • bake6
  • bake7
  • bake8
  • bake9
  • bake9a