Asia Day at Coln House


Every term at Coln House we try to organise a themed day. This term we were fortunate to have Mr Hussain who is with us as a PGCE student from the University of Gloucestershire. Mr Husain's' family originate from Pakistan and have been in this country for around 40 years. We thought we could use this huge breadth of knowledge to show our students a different culture.


The event consisted of traditional Bollywood music, dress and food along with many artefacts. The students and various staff helped with the cooking of the food which was provided by Mr Hussain's mother. The children absolutely loved the food and were very inquisitive about the array of flavours tantalising their pallets.

The event also consisted of many students and staff having their hands and arms covered in henna patterns.  A huge thank you must go out to Miss James from the Art department who was an absolute natural. The children enjoyed the event and it was really good to be given an authentic Pakistani experience as Mr Hussain gave the children a brief talk about cultural festivities and the backgrounds and traditions to the food they were eating.

On a final note the food was such a success that Mr Hussain's mum may have to take up a permanent role within the staff kitchen as Mr Hussain has been asked by various staff for the recipes!