Anti-Bullying Week


From Nov 18th to Nov 22nd, the whole school took part in Anti-Bullying week.

Pupils followed a set timetable that exposed them to anti-bullying, the different types of bullying and how to deal with and report bullying in the School. The Whole School watched a DVD on the Monday Morning highlighting bullying and the effects this can have on young people.

During the week the pupils then broke into small groups and had to make a video production about bullying, the video had to follow a set criteria:

Video or Play
The production must last a maximum of 5 minutes, it must also cover the following areas:

  • A type of bullying, Pupils to research different types of bullying
    • Cyber bullying
    • Physical
    • Verbal
    • Relationship bullying
  • How this effects the person – The victim
    • Depression
    • Loneliness
    • loss of interest
    • increased feelings of sadness
    • anxiety
  • What can the victim do and how can they get help
    • Talk to someone
    • Look online for help
    • Read the school policy
  • What help is available
    • Childline
    • Teachers
    • Friends
    • Parents
  • What was the outcome after the victim received help
    • Feeling happy
    • Stopped being bullied

During the evenings the children had to create a poster on bullying, they again had to follow a set criteria:

School Poster

  • Types of bullying
  • How to find help
  • Who to speak to if you need help
  • How to find the school Anti-Bullying policy

On the Friday the pupils and staff at Coln House School had a balloon release to raise more awareness to Bullying.
Each pupil and staff member had to write a personal message regarding bullying, and we await the winner from the Balloon release.



This was followed by team building events with pupils working closely with other pupils and staff members. The winning team was Group 3 "Mr Brown's Group"

Well done all for taking part in a amazing week with some great feedback and results.