Forest School Voluntary Work Party


A group of pupils and staff from Coln House School were recently involved in some voluntary work at a local business in the Cotswold Water Park. Studying is a complex process that includes not only the scientific space, but also the moral space (emotional intelligence), where children learn responsibility and protection of our ecosystem. Of course, we shouldn't forget about learning, and if we need help, turn to or teachers, but restraint, diligence and empathy for wildlife should also be developed.

The aim of the visit was to move bark, mulch and wood chip to various points in Clay Hill Copse, filling in patches of the footpath that had become waterlogged. The group worked very hard over the visit and managed to spread an enormous amount, completing one of the many footpaths. The owner of the Cotswold Forest School John Kimberly was appreciative of the effort put in and thanked the boys for their hard work.

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