James and the Giant Peach


We set off on a rainy morning at 11o’clock to see James and the Giant Peach at a theatre in Birmingham. We were all excited as we had read the book during our English lessons last term. The weather was very bad as the rain turned very heavy and it had got very foggy as we travelled down the M5.

After about an hour into the journey we started to drive into Birmingham town centre. Some of us noticed places that we had been to before on trips. It was a very busy place. We found a car park that was by Chinatown right behind where we were going. It was lunch time and as it was still raining, we decided to eat our packed lunch in the bus before we got to the show. We each had packed lunches that had been prepared by the catering staff at school.

Now it was time for the show. We only had to walk a couple of minutes and we were there. The theatre staff were waiting to greet us and then we chose the ice-cream that we wanted for the break. We were shown to our seats, we were right at the front!

The show was fantastic!

These are some of the best bits!

Jamie Criddle said “I found it fun catching a ping pong ball from the cloud men as they were throwing them into the audience. The sharks were pretty funny as they zoomed about on skateboards and the scooters and I noticed that Aunt Spiker was played by a man. He was also a policeman and a crook.”

Scott Whiteley said “I liked how they made the giant peach. It was very effective when the centipede fell into the luminous sea. The actors were very good at playing Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker as I didn’t like them at all”

Kieran Jackson said “I liked the bit when the ping pong balls were being thrown into the audience. It was funny”

Kyeran Francis said “I liked it when the smoke went off the stage and into the audience. As we were sat at the front we were covered. The music and songs were really good and the Aunties fighting was very funny. I liked the news reporter as he came in from the audience and the illuminations with the sea creatures were very effective. But the funniest thing that happened was when a giant peach came bouncing down from the back of the audience and hit Mrs Young on her head!”

The weather was much better going home and we arrived back to school at 6 O’Clock.We all enjoyed the show and would like to thank Mrs Maidment for organizing it.


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