Christmas Panto


On Tuesday 10th of December, pupils, staff and parents from Coln House School were lucky enough to visit Bristol Hippodrome.


panto1 panto2

"The pantomime was amazing and spectacular! We watched Cinderella. Louie Spence was very funny and so was the character 'Buttons'. The two ugly step sisters were hideous, but very funny."

Scott B
Year 7

Show review by Jordan D, age 11

"Thank you to the Happy Day's charity for donating the lovely tickets. I really liked the character 'Buttons', he was very funny and his role play was absolutely great. My best part was when they sang Ghostbusters and it turned into a 3D play. You had to put a pair of 3D glasses on and we had to find some ghosts, mummies and a skeleton. At the end the funniest bit was when the spiders jumped on to the audience and one of the spiders landed on me. The whole day was spectacular, even travelling in the bus was exciting. The play was so good; I liked all the characters such as Prince and Cinderella. The best characters were Buttons and Dandini and the ugly twin sisters. The fairy god mother was great and not forgetting the father. It was the best play ever I will definitely come again next year."

panto3 panto4

A big thank you to the charity Happy Days for sponsoring us.

The whole day was truly magical and enjoyed by all, a great start to the Christmas festivities at Coln House School.