Science Department


At Coln House School the Science curriculum is delivered to assist students with their understanding of the world around them and the importance of science in the ‘real’ world. Science provides students with a broad understanding of how the world around them works as well as building confidence in handling practical equipment and analysing the data it provides.

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Keystage 3

The curriculum for pupils in key stage 3 is based on the Exploring Science: How Science Works scheme. The course we follow incorporates all the different aspects of How Science Works, including evaluating different opinions about scientific phenomena, weighing up evidence along with the usual investigations but also delivers it in a dynamic and interesting way.

In year 7 pupils are introduced to the skills and concepts they will need and will begin the process of developing their knowledge over the key stage to allow them to be well equipped for their studies in Years 10 and 11.

Keystage 4

In Keystage 4 pupils have the opportunity to study the BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Applied Science or the BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Applied Science.

The BTEC in Applied Science have been designed to build on Key Stage 3 science and cover the KeyStage 4 mandatory science criteria and How Science Works criteria.

BTEC Learner Handbook

Throughout the course pupils have the opportunity to develop their functional and personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS). These can be achieved through presentations and discussions in which pupils have opportunities to express their opinion about current science issues, and through investigations using numerical data and use of ICT to produce reports.

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