Personal, social and health education

All pupils study PSHE. The topics covered aim to prepare pupils for life beyond school and inform them so they are able to make healthy life choices.

Years 7-9
Topics covered include:
1 Health and wellbeing: keeping safe and avoiding risky situations, the health and social effects of misusing drugs and smoking
2 Relationships: how to behave with other people, physical changes in adolescence
3 Living in the wider world: esafety, how democracy works

Years 10-11
Topics covered include:
1 Health and wellbeing: illegal drugs and the penalties and health effects of using them, the misuse of alcohol, the cost of smoking and the health effects
2 Relationships: sex education including contraception and sexually transmitted infections, what the law says about relationships
3 Living in the wider world: how to manage money, independent living costs and the cost of borrowing money, the British parliamentary system

Religious education

All pupils study RE. RE has two strands:
• Learning about religion
• Learning from religion.

Years 7-9

Pupils study the main beliefs of Christianity of Islam. For each religion they learn about the main festivals and the practices that Christians and Muslims follow.

Years 10-11
Pupils learn what percentage of the world's populations follow different or no religions. They find out which parts of the world have the highest concentrations of the different religions. Pupils consider how faith impacts life choices and consider some contemporary issues from a faith perspective.