Physical Education


Physical Education Team

Matt Brown – Physical Education Instructor

Achieving and enjoying success according to individual ability is at the centre of all we do at Coln House School, and it is a philosophy we fully embrace in the Physical Education Department.

We strive to ensure each individual student has a positive experience from Physical Education.

All pupils are taught in small groups at both Key Stages and often on an individual basis, to build the trust and understanding that is crucial to progress. All the sports delivered are designed to meet the needs of these small groups.The use of dedicated and additional Teaching Assistants in all lessons ensures that pupils receive all the support they need to achieve success. Team sports are delivered in after school activities.

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The physical education programme will assess the students ability to demonstrate:

  • Personal performance in individual and group skill situations
  • An application of these skills in activities/game situations
  • An understanding of the need for rules and regulations
  • An application of these rules in activities/game situations
  • An understanding of the need to exercise, observing safety guidelines
  • and work towards:
  • An ability to evaluate performances and suggest ways to improve these
  • An understanding of the principles used to prepare and carry out a health related fitness programme.

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Key stage 3 so far this year:

Term 1 students have looked at developing their Agility, Balance and Coordination by using the FUNS for everyone challenge. This encourages students to work together, take the lead in situations and work on their literacy by reading challenge cards.

Term 2 students have been working on health related fitness and the importance of exercise in everyday life.
Next term we will be developing skills in badminton.

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Term 3

This term students have been developing their badminton skills. We have looked at how to score and the court markings. We have also developed shots on the forehand and backhand side of our bodies. We practiced different types of serves and tried to manoeuvre our opponents when playing a game.

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Key stage 4 so far this year:

All students either follow the GCSE route or work towards ASDAN sport and fitness awards.
So far students have been developing their understanding of the components of fitness and the principles of training. They are using these new skills to plan a 12 week circuit training program to start in term 3.


Term 3

Key stage 4 have been enjoying the circuit training programmes they planned in term 2.

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