At Coln House, we believe that history, geography and RE are so closely linked that they are best led and planned jointly. All three subjects help children understand similarities and differences between societies and cultures and the impact of changes on people and places. The use of careful research, evidence and fieldwork are also crucial in developing good knowledge and understanding in both subjects.

Some units are directly linked, for example Ancient and Modern Egypt, and would be taught together in the same term. However, we do not believe in making tenuous links when it would be more appropriate to teach topic discretely.

Perhaps most importantly, we believe in a "hands on" active approach, which sparks children's and teachers enthusiasm and interest, and deepens their understanding. Wherever possible, opportunities for geographical fieldwork and visits to sites of historical interest are exploited. Children gain so much from these trips that they cannot experience in the classroom alone.

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Overall, we aim to make humanities both engaging and meaningful.

KS3 (Year 6, 7, and 8)

Pupils follow a three year rolling programme.  They complete 6 modules of history, 6 of geography and 6 of RE.  At the end of each module pupils are assessed according to the National Curriculum level descriptors for that subject.

Year 9

In year 9, pupils are taught just history.  They complete an ASDAN short course in History and, if they complete the course, can start the Entry level GCSE.  Both of these qualifications can be taken forward into year 10 and used in conjunction with other subjects to gain a larger ASDAN or GCSE qualification. This approach gives all pupils the opportunity to achieve and gain the historical skill they need to go on and complete a GCSE in History.


If pupils opt to take History, there are a number of options open to them. They can continue with the Entry Level GCSE, move on to a GCSE short course, or attempt a full GCSE.  The path that the pupil can take will be decided by their academic ability and commitment to learning.