Food Technology


Cooking is an important life skill for pupils to learn for their future independent living. At Coln House all pupils learn the basic cookery skills to prepare day-to-day food in weekly Food Technology lessons. As well as practical work it is important that pupils learn how to plan and budget for meals and work safely and hygienically. 

Nutrition plays a strong part in the curriculum, pupils learn about a balanced diet, how food affects our body and the need for a healthy life style.

Keystage 3

  • Pupils learn where food comes from.
  • Basic Skills of food preparation
  • Nutrition and healthy eating
  • Planning meals
  • Health and safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Pupils follow the ‘Licence to Cook’ programme
  • Some Pupils have started the ‘Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills’BTec Qualification 

Keystage 4

  • Pupils follow programmes for:
  • Entry Level Design Technology (Food)
  • GCSE Hospitality and Catering
  • DSCF9883
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Afternoon Tea

Staff and pupils were invited to join the year 11 Hospitality class for afternoon tea on Tuesday December 3rd. The pupils planned, cooked and hosted the event as part of their coursework. Numbers were boosted by the care team who came in early to support the pupils.

tea1 tea2

tea3 tea4

Roast Chicken Meal

The pupils from Tame learnt how to cook a roast meal in Food Technology. Mr Taylor provided the chicken from the ColnHouse flock. The boys weighed it and worked out quantities and timings for the meal. The boys worked together to produce a very tasty meal , alongside the chicken the pupils cooked roast potatoes, roast beetroot, carrots and peas and made a gravy. Mr Taylor and Miss James joined Ben, Ryan , Jessie and Mrs Olds for lunch.

roast1 roast2


roast4 roast5