Art Department


Keystage 3

Pupils follow a three year rolling programme based around Portraits, Surrealism, Natural Forms and Cultural Art. Each scheme of work covers one term where the pupils are able to explore and build on their knowledge of materials and processes, whilst discovering contemporary and historical artists from around the world.

Pupils will gain an understanding of the basic visual concepts – colour, line, texture pattern, shape and form etc. and will develop their ability to perceive and express themselves in visual form. They will learn to communicate in both two and three dimensions and will gain knowledge of the traditions of Art History in a number of cultural contexts. They will experience a wide range of materials, techniques and equipment including the use of ICT.

Pupils will explore: -

  • Installation
  • Photography
  • Colour wheel cake
  • Morphing Surreal images
  • Juicy Jungle
  • Abstract Expressionism
  • African Masks
  • Sellotape Sculpture
  • Giacometti Sculpture
  • Surreal Rooms
  • World Disasters
  • Street Art
  • Animation
  • Aboriginal Art
  • Print Mark Making....................and many more.

There are also opportunities for pupils to enter competitions and visit art related galleries and exhibitions.

Keystage 4

Upper school pupils follow a two year course leading to G.C.S.E. accreditation.

Year 10 schemes of work –

  1. Hero Montage
  2. Lichtenstein
  3. Portraits
  4. Natural Forms
  5. Observational Drawing

Year 11 scheme of work is based around "Water" where pupils explore and collect primary research to develop their own ideas and responses to the title. Pupils will explore photography, observational drawing, mono printing, relief printing, painting skills and research relevant artists to influence and inspire their own work whilst responding to their ideas. Year 11 pupils' coursework is internally marked according to AQA criteria and either taken to group moderation with their controlled test paper, or viewed by a visiting moderator in early June.

John W's GCSE Installation

  • DSCF4167
  • DSCF4739
  • DSCF4754
  • DSCF4760
  • DSCF4783
  • DSCF4872
  • DSCF4879
  • DSCF5069
  • DSCF5077
  • DSCF5081
  • Picture031
  • Picture_005
  • Picture_006
  • Picture_007
  • Picture_011
  • Picture_027
  • Picture_076

  • DSCF4148
  • DSCF4508
  • DSCF4634
  • DSCF4734
  • DSCF4749
  • DSCF4803
  • DSCF4832
  • DSCF5074
  • DSCF5080
  • DSCF5083
  • Picture_001
  • Picture_003
  • Picture_012
  • Picture_014
  • Picture_030
  • Picture_069
  • Picture_085