Wild Camping Activity


After helping the pupils select appropriate clothing and equipment for the school's first ever overnight wild camping trip, we all set off, hoping the forecast for rain and wind would not be as bad as predicted.


On our arrival at the site the boys began the task of making a weather proof shelter and collecting fire wood so they could cook their evening meal and keep them warm.


After a few hiccups in their preparation, everything was eventually sorted and the children ate their meals and tried to settle down for the evening. We were very lucky with the weather, which remained sunny and warm, although it did get a tad cold once the sun went down. After a good night's sleep, some had more than others, we all broke camp and returned to school, where some very smelly students (Woodsmoke does have a certain fragrance that isn't everyone's favourite smell) showered, had breakfast and for those who didn't get much sleep a warm bed awaited.