RAF Brize Norton



Visit to RAF Brize Norton December 2011

On the 12th December 2011 we were given the opportunity to visit RAF Brize Norton. This turned out to be a fantastic day organised by Sgt Chad Hall of 30 Squadron. The pupils were given a tour of the base and shown round the squadron quarters. The pupils were given an insight into life on a busy RAF camp.

SAT trainer: Pupils were given an amazing opportunity to take part in a computerised weapon training facility usually only available for training purposes. The pupil’s first surprise was the weight of the weapon and the realistic complexity of loading and firing compared to the x box controllers. This was compounded further when analysing the results of the first round when we found out those pupils had fired well over 400 rounds each but had hit nothing! X box generation! However, the pupils took onboard the advice given and slowly improved their scores. Scott Whitley in particular showed his leadership qualities and took charge of the simulated patrol with some vigour.

  • Learning the weapons
  • better on the herc
  • boys on the herc

Hercules visit:

Sgt Chad Hall had arranged for their plane to be opened up on the runway and allowed the pupils to have a personalised tour. The pilots talked them through the complexities of flying and allowed the boys to sit in the pilots seats whilst the other boys got a tour and stories from the rest of the crew.

Parachute School:

An extensive tour of the facility by one of the jump masters. Pupils were able to see all the training aids used to develop the skills required. Scott Whitley was given an extra surprise when he had to demo a life jacket.

Overall the day was fantastic and we were privileged to have been granted such a tour. All the boys were grateful to Chad and the squadron for all their efforts.