Llangorse Weekend


25th – 26th February 2012 Staff – Mr Wilson, Mrs Alderman, Miss Lipscombe Pupils – K Jackson, L Delaney, S Merry, R Huckett, S Whiteley

llangorse1With the mini bus packed with sleeping bags and food off we went to collect the kids.  By 11am we were on our way to Llangorse. Well until Mr Wilson needed the toilet and we stopped at KFC. (Miss Lipscombe was very happy!).  Finally we got underway and after a good journey down via some beautiful scenery we arrived at Llangorse.  We booked in and were shown to our house for the weekend.  It was a beautiful old farmhouse (named Bunkhouse) with an outstanding view of Llangorse Lake in the heart of the Brecon Beacons.  Off the children went to explore the house and it did not take long for “Sir, Miss, where’s the TV?”  That aside the kids were happy, excited and it was time for our first activity at the indoor climbing centre. Often after such trips, children are given the task to write their impressions, so they remember the moments again. It helps to focus on feelings and understand yourself; and to make the writing process easier, or to give children an example, you can turn to SpecialEssays.com

The kids listened intently as they were given instructions on putting on their safety harnesses by Brett (instructor) and some looked a little nervous.  Off they went and were soon in the swing of things.  They were climbing natural rock and artificial rock walls with confidence and crawling through natural rock caves.  All seemed to achieve this with ease but now came the rickety rope bridges – How would their balance be at 100ft? Most achieved this and it was great to see all enjoy themselves and cross these bridges with confidence.  Some even stopped halfway over and touched their ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ without falling off.  To end this activity they flew down the zip line with big smiles.  Although a great deal of fun was had all pupils developed a skill in climbing and balance and were educated in the use of all safety equipment.  Needless to say they were all tired and needed a rest (so we thought!)

llangorse2It was back to the bunkhouse for tea.  Homemade pizzas by Mrs Alderman and her assistant Miss Lipscombe.  The orders were made and the pizzas were cooked (to perfection).  After tea we had a game of spotlight in the garden and a walk to the café for a well deserved ice cream.  On return to the house all looked tired and it was off to bed.  What would tomorrow bring?

Surprisingly all were up by 7am so it was get the bags packed, have a cooked breakfast and off to horse riding apart from Mr Wilson and K Jackson who due to a slight disliking of horses went for a morning stroll to the local village.  At the horse riding all listened to the advice and eagerly waited to see their horse. Horses were allocated and all seemed pleased with their mounts. We set off in brilliant sunshine for a two hour ride around the fields and lanes nearby. Some were more competent riders than others and all did really well, the horses and ponies all followed each other happily and knew the way blindfold. There was a chance for a couple of trots which though a little bouncy was greatly enjoyed. The telling part was on return to the stables when it came time to dismount. There were several lots of stiff legs and sore bums, sitting down again was done very gently!