Alexander House Challenge


Alexander House Challenge


Ryan completed his challenge on Friday 09 May. He decided that he was going to run the 4 miles and at times found it a little difficult. However, he showed true resilience and pushed himself hard to complete the course in a very respectable 1:05. Excellent effort Ryan, well done!

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James completed his challenge on Friday 02 May. He completed the 4 mile walk in 1:19 beating Lauren by just under 10 minutes. Well done James, an excellent effort!


Tim completed the challenge in a fantastic 48mins! Seems like all the pupils are taking this challenge very seriously. Can't wait to see who can beat it!

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Connor ran his challenge and set an amazing time of 57 mins. Going to be a hard one to beat !

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Walked her challenge and set the first time of 1hr 27mins.

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An excellent time that other pupils will have to work very hard to beat!

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