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A busy term!!

It has been a busy first term in Alexander House. Here are a few highlights:

We were joined by Max who has shown a love for the outdoors and especially enjoyed going to Cotswold Forest School to practice his already impressive array of skills.

ahmw1 ahmw2 ahmw3

Our topic for term one was 'Games'. We joined with the rest of the school in making an interactive board game for the installation in the Art corridor. After much deliberation it was decided that we would make a life size version of 'Operation' with Mr Clarke as the subject of the operation. All pupils worked very hard at constructing the game and we feel that the end result is superb.

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 ah7o ah4o ah3o

Alex House & Ferrari

The wonderful people at Dick Lovett Ferrari Swindon invited the pupils from Alexander House to their showroom. The pupils got the opportunity to look at the Supercars on display and even had the chance to sit in them.

The Forest School

7 new pupils have enjoyed their first week at Coln House School at Forest School near South Cerney. They all learnt new skills which included bow making and fire building.

Cadbury's World

Two pupils got the opportunity to go to Cadbury's World at the end of term 4. The pupils topic that term was Chocolate.

Alexander House Challenge

Alexander House Challenge


Ryan completed his challenge on Friday 09 May. He decided that he was going to run the 4 miles and at times found it a little difficult. However, he showed true resilience and pushed himself hard to complete the course in a very respectable 1:05. Excellent effort Ryan, well done!

 rg4.jpg rg5 rg3

rg1 rg2


James completed his challenge on Friday 02 May. He completed the 4 mile walk in 1:19 beating Lauren by just under 10 minutes. Well done James, an excellent effort!


Tim completed the challenge in a fantastic 48mins! Seems like all the pupils are taking this challenge very seriously. Can't wait to see who can beat it!

 tb1 tb2

 tb3 tb4


 IMG 3254 IMG 3258

Connor ran his challenge and set an amazing time of 57 mins. Going to be a hard one to beat !

  P3072999 P3073009



Walked her challenge and set the first time of 1hr 27mins.

 IMG 3061

  IMG 3062 IMG 3066

An excellent time that other pupils will have to work very hard to beat!

 P1312962 P1312966

The Alexander House Challenge.

Congratulations to Lauren Slatter who this week has graduated out of Alexander House to  the main side of Coln House School.

New Arrival at Alexander House.

New Arrival at Alexander House.

We have a new pupil starting his journey at Coln House School called Wesley.

Alexander House on the Road!

Alexander House on the Road!

This term Alexander House has been learning about Machines. The pupils have enjoyed a trip to the Steam Museum in Swindon.

Butterfly Land

With Connor climbing Mount Snowdon, it has just been Carey and Lauren this week.

butterfly1 butterfly3

They have both enjoyed our trip to Butterfly Land and making cakes to help raise money for Children in Need. The butterflies were beautiful and one took a shine to Miss Brooks. Even Pudsey popped in to help decorate the cakes.

butterfly4 butterfly5

Roves Farm

Alexander House visited Roves Farm in Wiltshire this week. They got the opportunity to see and feed farm animals. Roves Farm also has a pet corner where the pupils got to hold and stroke some of the animals.

farmvisit1 farmvisit2

Fairford Fire Station

The pupils of Alexander House were invited to look round RAF Fairford Fire Station.

Volcanoes Topic

The topic this term was explosions and pupils have enjoyed learning all about volcanoes. The highlight was creating their volcano out of clay and then making it explode.

We have three very creative students who had their own ideas on how they should be decorated. They also came up with some very inventive names. Lauren's was called Mount Bubblegum. Carey's Mount Blingalisous and Connor's was Mount Lavadangerous.


Cotswold Forest School

Connor, Carey and Rhys got the opportunity to visit the Costwold Forest School. The boys built fires by foraging for wood and finding natural ways to start the fire.

The Great Outdoors

With the unseasonably mild weather, all of us have been enjoying the great outdoors. Lauren has had a fantastic time at the Earnest Cook Trust. She has been joined by a graduate of Alexander House Lexxie, and together they have built the most amazing den in the woods.

outdoors1 outdoors2

New Recruits

It has been a busy term 1 in Alexander House. We have been lucky to have had four new pupils; Rhys, Lauren, Carey and Connor.

conner lauren



Congratulations to the following pupils who have graduated from Alexander House. They have all shown great resilience and resourcefulness to be ready for their new learning journey in the main school.

beng jordan
Ben G Jordan
scott kyeran
Scott B Kyeran
corey benp
Corey Ben P
jessie lexxie
Jessie Lexxie

Team Building

Alexander House Pupils enjoyed a day of team building in Lea Woods near Fairford. They were set many different challenges in which they worked very well together to succeed to complete the challenges.

team1 team2

Sculpture Exhibition

Alexander House had a fantastic trip to Fresh Air Sculpture Exhibition in Quenington. The pupils were amazed by the vast variety of colourful art work and the materials they were made from. This inspired the pupils of Alexander House of create and make with different materials.

sculp1 sculp2

Porsche Garage

The pupils from Alexander House visited the Porsche Dealership in Swindon as part of their topic on transport. The pupils were shown around the showroom and even got to sit in the prestige cars. They had a chance to see how the dealership was run from sales to the workshop. Porsche were very generous in providing each pupil with bag full of souvenirs.

porsche1 porsche2

Cattle Market

The pupils from Alexander House visited the Cattle Market near Cirencester. They watched the sheep and cattle get auctioned off and enjoyed a bacon sandwich from the very popular café onsite.

farm1 farm2