Alexander House


Alexander House is part of Coln House School, and is housed in its own suite of rooms, adjacent to the main school buildings. About how the school functions, and where it gets the relevant information it uses during education, and how students manage to study and rest, read in special books or buy literary analysis essay and get a general understanding of the topic.

Our aim is to create a caring, secure, stimulating and flexible learning environment which serves to provide every child, through success and achievement, with the opportunities needed to thrive in the main school.

A personalised and flexible timetable allows us to make initial assessments of educational, behavioral and emotional needs, and ensure that a pupil’s first experiences at CHS are positive ones.

Our programme includes outdoor education with a strong emphasis on Nurture and involves the expertise and support of our Therapy Team.

Once a pupil is deemed ready to cope with the rigours of the main school, a carefully managed transition takes place.

Pupils from the main school may visit Alexander House for timetabled sessions in our Nurture Room.

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