New School Council


School council back in session

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The school council has recently been elected and will be working hard for school development. The team will meet to outline their responsibilities. They will decide who is to be responsible for individual areas of the school and then feedback. The team will meet with Mr Little who is mentoring them to develop a management structure within their team. Developing such a skill can be time consuming, so members of the team sometimes delegate their tasks to the writers from, who are always able to finish the job in time.


The School Council

Our Student Council presents pupils with the opportunity to learn about effective self-government, develop good communication skills and take responsibility for developing social and community responsibilities.

The Student Council consists of five elected members from the whole school. The council meets once a term to discuss issues raised by their peers. They are also expected to play a high profile role in support of their peers throughout the school day.

Through the Student Council, students are able to:

  • develop leadership skills
  • refine their competence as communicators
  • help foster a school spirit and pride
  • build supportive working relationships with each other and the staff team
  • take opportunities to represent and express the personal views and the interests of their peers to the benefit of the entire school community.

Becoming a member of the Student Council is a very sought after and common aspiration for pupils at Coln House and is indicative of the 'sense of belonging' that we hope each student shares with us. The positive contributions made by the pupils serving the School Council are recognised and celebrated by all those involved with Coln House and are rightly considered an extremely vibrant and successful aspect of our community.

Our student council members are: Lexxie, Wesley, and Josh.