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Pupils Testimonials


Former & Present Pupils

Below are some of the things former and present pupils have to say about their experiences at Coln House School.


"Hi this is Danielle, I hope u are ok Miss Rogers? I came to Coln House for about 3 years, I was in the same form as Jack, Kelsie, and Tom I left in 2010, I think, just wanted to say thankyou to the staff that was there when I was, I never thought I'd miss school but I genuinely do I wish I could come back and do it all again! I went to a few schools and Coln House was without a doubt the best! I found this contact email off the Coln House school website, it's nice looking at pictures and videos of the school, brings back loads of good memories and makes me miss it so much, so yeah thanks for being such a great school with kind supportive down to earth staff and teachers! I want to apologize to Mr Little, Mrs Olds and Mr Shipton, if they're still there, for being an idiot, misbehaving and being rude to them so many times, if I had the chance to come back and behave different I would! Thanks!!! :)"


"This is my home now!"